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Tim Molyneux started his entertainment career at the age of 5 as a soloist and opening act at his grandfather’s Southern Gospel church down in the deep South of Alabama. Tim performed with and opened for Southern Gospel and Contemporary Christian music acts all across the Gulf Coast and Southeast United States singing classics from the Gold City Quartet, The Kingsmen, The Cathedrals, Blackwood Brothers, The Imperials, Steve Green, Laranell Harris and Sandi Patty.


When not performing in Pentecostal churches and tent revivals, Tim’s other grandmother, Elizabetha Bocaccini from the Piazza Navona in Rome, Italy, entertained Tim by playing her favorite Operas and Arias from Mario Lanza and Luciano Pavarotti.


“My grandmother couldn’t sing, but she loved to laugh and cry and dance to these powerful singers. She would play the music really loud and try to act out the songs for me as a kid. I love her for that. I loved those huge, powerful voices.”


Tim fell in love with Opera and realized at a young age that he could also sing it well too. By the age of 13 Molyneux was studying Opera at the University of South Alabama and by the age of 16 received a full scholarship to attend Florida State University School of Music. Additionally, Molyneux was singing, dancing and acting in nationally ranked show choirs, theme parks, musicals, dramas, cruise ships and USO productions all through his high school, college and early career.


While pursuing his Opera and Theater degree at FSU, Molyneux was a server for a sorority house and frequently entertained the sisters after dinner by playing the piano and singing in the beautiful Antebellum living room. These impromptu concerts led to playing for more sorority houses and parties and grand social events. The solo piano and vocals grew to a small band and eventually into a small orchestra. The parties evolved into fundraisers for the Booster Clubs and Athletic Departments, then halftime shows and national campaigns for companies such as the NCAA and high-profile political figures. Tim was the grand organizer and star performer. It was here at Florida State, where Molyneux began the second phase of his career, creating and producing live entertainment.


"The next 20 years of my career were quite different, happened organically and when I finally accepted that maybe I was destined to do more than just performing, happened quickly. I’ve always seemed to be able to see or create the big picture and have the ability to put all the pieces together in order to make that big picture happen."


Molyneux continued to act and sing after college, but was frequently being hired to write shows, speeches and creative pitches for studios, corporations and cruise lines. At the age of 25 Molyneux moved to Nashville, TN to be the lead singer on the Opryland USA managed, General Jackson Showboat. Nashville was not only a mecca for live music, but a mega hub for conventions and corporate shows, which allowed Molyneux to pursue even more opportunities for his creative writing. Within two years, at the age of 27, Tim Molyneux had his first million-dollar deal to create and produce live entertainment products for cruise lines.


By the age of 30 he was pioneering and setting new standards in cruise ship production shows with grand 1,000+ seat theaters with 20-foot-high scenic elements, multiple hydraulic lift stages and human flying over the audience. The Molyneux productions were voted number one in the world for cruise ship entertainment year after year and many continued to run 52 weeks a year for over a decade.


By 2003, Tim Molyneux was the creative director, writer, stage director and producer for 14 grand productions and dozens of cabarets and industrials running around the world. Molyneux personally attended and directed each of the international audition tours, seeing thousands of actors, singers and dancers every year. As an actor and singer first before becoming a producer, he crafted each production as a talent showcase as if he would be performing and proud to be a part of the production.


"To me, the most important aspect of any show, regardless of the budget or production possibilities is the talent. A solo performer wearing a colorless outfit with nothing else on stage could bring the house down with more power, control and finesse than any conceivable production element. On the audition tour, I never looked at the resumes until the very end. Either you have it or you don’t and if you do, I’ll be able to see, hear or feel it immediately."


Molyneux continued to create and produce unprecedented productions for the cruising industry, including The Molyneux Acappella product and Repertory Theater At Sea, that are both now considered standards for cruising entertainment offerings. The Acappella product was unique in that it offered Headliner entertainment for the mainstage and spontaneous, intimate entertainment all throughout the ship. The Repertory Theater At Sea initiative offered 12 new dramatic shows per year, per ship with the ability to customize the content and comedy for any given cruise theme or need. Molyneux is also credited as the first to use 3D with live performers during a live theatrical presentation on the high seas.


In 2004, Molyneux filed for a patent for his work combining live entertainment with Virtual and Augmented Reality. Molyneux believed that people watching a live performance of any kind should have the ability to modify that performance or be able to view that performance from different perspectives at will. This was nearly a decade before any of the Google Glass, Oculus Rift, or any of the VR/AR companies or initiatives that have now become mainstream were created. Technology did catch up to Molyneux’s vision and in 2012 Tim Molyneux was granted the patent he filed an application for over 8 years prior. Molyneux currently has four patents and multiple pending for utilizing VR/AR and live events, shows, sports, concerts, teachings, medical, military, theatricals and Cirque performances.


Molyneux used his cruise ship market successes to open the doors for his Las Vegas pursuits. In the fall of 2003, before the vampire craze of shows like True Blood, Vampire Diaries and Anne Rice themed movies, Molyneux wrote the script for a Las Vegas show about vampires and was willing to use his own money to get it produced. As the writer, director, producer and investor, Molyneux’s BITE opened at the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino in the summer of 2004 and continued for an impressive run of 6 nights a week, 52 weeks a year for the next 8 and a half years. Against the odds to self-produce, Molyneux made all of his money back within the first 25 weeks of operation. BITE, the Classic Rock and topless vampire show remains the first and only for Las Vegas and ranks in the top 10 of all-time most successful topless shows on the Las Vegas Strip.


"I wanted to know what elements were common in each of the successful Las Vegas shows. Budgets were vastly different, but the long lasting shows that were actually making money all had specific things in common. I wanted to create a show that had all the key elements, but had also never been done. Vampires gave me permission to include all the successful "Vegas elements" without having to explain anything."

​​While overseeing the operation and expansion of the cruise ship and Las Vegas productions, Molyneux continued to write and consult for cruise lines, casinos and corporations around the world. In 2007 Molyneux opened another production of the BITE show in Thessaloniki, Greece and co-founded Global 3D Entertainment Group in Asia for his work in 3D without glasses, holograms and video mapping with live performers. Molyneux was contracted to design another never-seen-before entertainment spectacle, an outdoor video canopy with 3D video and holograms that interacted with live performers in China and Singapore. Molyneux consulted on the technology and created the environmental designs, production budgets, proformas, show scripts and production designs. 


Traveling to casinos around the world and continuously working in them in Las Vegas and Asia introduced Molyneux to a new hobby that turned into a side profession. Structure, patience, timing, fearlessness and ability to read people in order to give them what they wanted were not just traits for his successful entertainment business, but for his success at the poker tables. Starting as a novice and working his way up to a regular at the high-stakes casino and private games, Molyneux’s love for poker was not only a supplement to his income, but a muse for his next creative endeavor.


In January 2008 Molyneux wrote the script, score and lyrics to an original musical that compared the game of life with the game of poker. ALL IN, The Poker Musical, the first ever musical about poker, debuted at the Rio All Suites Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas for the main event at the 2008 World Series Of Poker. Molyneux wrote the WSOP theme song and made the show about the final nine players at the main event. The songs can be downloaded on iTunes or


With the help of Rod Essig and the Creative Artist Agency, Molyneux started working with signed and unsigned musical acts to help them with their live performances. By 2010, the “Hey, I have a new artist that needs some help with putting their show together, can you help” had led to a massive full-time operation.

"I started working with artist as a favor for a good friend back in early 2000 and by 2010 had amassed a pretty impressive client list. I never did any marketing or promotions for anything; they all came by word-of-mouth and referrals. I love working with talented people. It’s so inspiring and fulfilling on so many levels to see the lightbulb go off in their eyes after a session and immediately see results."


Now, nearly 20 years later, Tim Molyneux the Show Doctor, is an international corporation hired by major record labels, agencies and management companies to analyze their operations and performances and prescribe the best solutions for maximized results for their artists and tours. The Show Doctor works directly with the artist as a performance coach to highlight the strengths and minimize weaknesses in their delivery, show structure and overall performance impact. Among the Molyneux roster of clients are Sony Music, Capital Records, Universal Music Group, Curb Records, CAA, WME and the Red Light Management Group.


Working so closely with singers and actors rekindled Molyneux’s love and passion for performing. In the summer of 2011, Molyneux began singing again at local Las Vegas writer’s nights, community events, fundraisers and special guest appearances for his friends who were performers on the Strip. By 2012 he was asked to headline his own Vegas shows and was being booked as a headliner for cruise ships and national campaigns. 


Molyneux’s dream as a teenager came true when he was cast as Jean Valjean in the Las Vegas production of Les Miserables. Tim Molyneux the producer who could sing and act had transformed into Tim Molyneux the actor and singer who was also a producer.


"Being Jean Valjean with an amazing cast and live orchestra was truly a life-changing experience for me. The Les Mis music and the role were things I dreamed about as a kid; how heroic, how passionate, how powerful… I was in heaven."


Balancing the life as a performer and producer became increasingly more challenging, more rewarding and brought more into focus the passions he wanted to pursue. In 2014, Tim Molyneux was creating and producing shows and events for Armani, Fendi, Dreamworks, Apple, Microsoft, Caesars Entertainment, The Venetian and Palazzo Hotels and Casinos and a host of other international name brands while also providing Show Doctor work for some of the worlds’ biggest names in music. When not producing or working with other artists on their shows, Molyneux performed his own one-man-show, From Mozart To Motown, for theater houses, casinos and cruise ships around the world. His 20+ year experiences and successes in live entertainment opened the doors and provided the platform for new passions and personal pursuits in television and film.  


In the  fall of 2016, Molyneux relocated to Los Angeles and began acting, writing and producing for television and film full time. His recent acting roles include a Russian spy in the feature film “Eye For An Eye”, the concierge in the comedy feature “Stan The Man”, VIP wedding guest on Rita Wilson’s “Simple Weddings”, a British Mercenary on Netflix “Drug Lords”, and a recurring Sweetwater shop owner on HBO’s “Westworld”.


Additionally he was cast as the lead and filmed an upcoming pilot mockumentary, "Quick Minute", 6 short films including the role of a Southern Pentecostal preacher responsible for the death of a young boy, an Armenian Imam and slightly demented TV host brainwashing young wannabes in the world of social media and 3 national commercials. As a writer and producer, Molyneux is currently working on 2 of his feature film screenplays, "Recognition" and "Valentine" and his original television series, "The App" and "Swagger."

"I've learned, sometimes the hard way, that life is not about the final destination. It's about the trip and the people you travel with. I love it all. I love creating with passionate people who also love what they do."     -Tim Molyneux



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