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Comprehensive Analysis, Report & Prescriptions for Maximum Live & Broadcast Performances

The Show Doctor works with performing and recording artists, record labels, management companies and agencies to maximize live and recorded performances, show operations and brand objectives.


The Show Doctor provides the most powerful drug in the industry...



Knowing how you look, sound and are perceived instead of thinking you know how you look, sound and are being perceived, maximizes results and sustains a long, successful, and prosperous career. 

Live Performance

The Show Doctor is a specialist in customized performance coaching with empathy and expertise for the seasoned pro and those who want to be.

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Sho Doc operates on shows with original and preexisting creative content and core infrastructure to maximize the show's pacing and overall impact.


For artist's agencies and management companies, the Show Doctor is an outside consulting firm on the day-to-day operations for higher margins, sustainability and maintaining brand promise.

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