Comprehensive Analysis, Report & Prescriptions for Maximum Live & Broadcast Performances

The Show Doctor specializes in customized performance coaching sessions with empathy and expertise in order to get the very best from the artist. Sho Doc also provides creative content and infrastructure to maximize the show's pacing and overall impact. For management companies, the Show Doctor is an outside consulting firm on the day-to-day operations for higher margins, sustainability and maintaining brand promise.

In 1999, Rod Essig, head of The Creative Artist Agency in Nashville, TN and former president of the Academy Of County Music Awards, asked Tim Molyneux if he would help a young artist with her live show performance.  She had a big showcase coming up and Rod thought Tim could help her structure her show and feel better about performing on stage.

Molyneux worked with the artist and she ended up doing a great job at her showcase. Word soon spread that Tim Molyneux got results and within a year, had a hefty roster of signed and unsigned artists. The Show Doctor was now an official Molyneux Enterprise.

In February of 2018 the Sho Doc business celebrated its 18th year of operations. From mega stars to newly signed acts, to those trying to get to the next level of success, the Show Doctor continues to offer expert advice, passionate coaching and the most powerful drug in the industry... awareness.