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The Molyneux Mission is a not-for-profit division of the Molyneux Organization that provides training and opportunities to showcase and commercialize performance and fine arts for the abandoned and abused. 


Molyneux Mission offers its facilities, expertise and connections for children & adults who have the passion to sing, dance, act, paint, draw or sculpt their way into rehabilitation, discovery or rediscovery of who they want to be in their communities and world marketplace.

Performing and Fine Arts come from the core and that core, no matter how covered it may be at times, is a beacon of hope and a reflection of the love we have for ourselves and our world around us. Our mission is to make sure that core is uncovered, nurtured, developed and fine tuned into life changing works of art.

Tim Molyneux, Founder and CEO

So often the willing and eager are not given the opportunity to work or actively pursue their dreams. At Molyneux Mission, we support and foster these opportunities and pursuits of passion. We believe in second, third and fourth chances. We believe people have value and are worth investing our time, energy and money into their potential.


We also believe children are chances to be and have better. Better love, better hope, better joy and yes, a better world are all possible through the heart, mind and soul of a child. When a child performs or creates from their innocence, mountains move, barriers crumble and lives change.


We believe that love wins.

We believe that when you do what you love with people who love you, you don’t just survive, you thrive.

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