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The awareness, techniques and execution for maximized live performances.


What makes you look strong * What makes you look weak * What to do with your hands * How to walk out on stage * How to stand * When to move * How to move * When to sit * How to sit * When to be still * How to hold and maximize the instrument when performing * Microphone technique * When to speak to the audience * What to say to the audience * When to interact with the band * How to interact with the band * How the band interacts with you and each other * How to physically and emotionally start, deliver and end a song * How to segue * Choreography and Staging * How to mention merchandise * When to mention merchandise * How to perform according to the venue: an arena, theater, stadium, state fair, party, wedding, church, bar, nightclub, convention * What your body language says about you * How what you do directly affects the way the audience responds and remembers you...




The crafting, writing, directing and producing a successful live show.


Song Selection * Show Pacing * Show Structure * Show Format and Templates * Lighting and Video Direction * Pre-Show Music and Objectives * How to Open and Close * Segues * Intros * Outros * Underscoring * Encores * Scripts/Patter * Audience Participation * Targeted Demographics * Brand Objectives * Show Length and Time Management...




The business behind the show.


Brand Management * Proformas * Pre-Production and Operation Budgets * Union, Venue and Talent Contract Negotiations and Drafting * Equipment Repair and Maintenance * Cost Controls * Increased Margins * Sustainability * Branding Focus and Management...


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