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A Right Right to Write Right


Let's Entertain, Engage, and Enlighten.

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Politically incorrect

Is indirectly corrected 

When directly inspected 

By rejected and injected 


With subjective objectives

Who interject 

Their perspectives 

Objectively and affectionately 

So circumstantially 

The passionately politically incorrect 

Are innately and uncontrollably 

Yet, correctly 

Forever faithfully 

Still incorrect by being

Absolutely correct.


Society sobriety is inflicted with the piety

Of profiles in the public space, 

A face in the crowd who frowns upon truth

For hopes of perpetual youth.

But what we get as the fans who spans

The globe for right

When we all know we should be

Looking for light, 

Is all sorts of wrong wrapped up tight in the night

We use as shields for our shadows. 

Shadows we stalk because we talk behind them About them seeking to understand them

But always understate them because that truth,

That painful reflection, might put us in a direction

That sneers and snaps and stokes

The embers of ourselves. 

Flames of hardened stone

Weigh against a life alone 

When in reality that’s heaven you see,

For you and me are simply one for eternity. 

Alone is a throne from which to see

How special we are as a society. 

A group, a clan, a righteous band will too,

Must always be,

A night watch stand for you and me.


It’s the unspoken words

That mean the most

I love you, I need you,

I’m glad you’re here

Beautiful expressions

We all love to hear

But what about the emotions

Or the
 spirit of desire

What about the peace of mind

 the fuzzy warmth inside

What about the calming security

In a mere presence

The connection, the understanding, 

 intensity beyond heat

The serenity in a breath

Exchanged or
 the strength

In a silent stare

The unspoken words of tears

And smiles could never be spoken

More beautifully in any language

Than when they are expressed

On your face.

Here I am.

In. To. Me. You. See.


Integrity beams from within and cannot be taught

But unraveled and empowered.

We begin with the chalice of doctrine and demise

As we are led down the path of social awareness.

This awareness is cloaked in discreet chards of

Acceptance; sharp shreds of scarring memories

That too often shape our future.

Integrity stands in the way of the past by rebuilding

Blocks of truth that lie around yards of youth;

A playground of delight and fortitude

In the sandbox of self discovery.

Being present-the forefront of integrity is the

Path that leads us back to where we are going,

The eternal journey of kingdoms within and among

That which we hold so dear; that sacred place

Of right and wrong and proof that we are exactly

As we are. We are perfect in that moment

Of disregard and embracement, the duality of

Self, the beauty in one, the core of integrity.

This is our value. This is our worth, the price

We are willing to cost.


Surprised by the anger

Engulfed by the fright

Fear of the unknown

Is grasped by delight

Succumbed by the envy

Intrigued by the disguised

The blind death of beauty

Has plucked out mine eyes

Ordained fervors

Enriched disease

Brings the unlevered man

Down to his knees

For when this mute

Begins to speak

The terminal, the tainted

Begin to weep

Sadness, death,

The glory disdain

Surround, encumber

No longer to tame

Unleash the poet

Engulf his scream

Believe the child

Ornate the dream


Danger creates fear, which is a force we admire to the point of indemnification. Without it we wander aimlessly in the fields of blissful admiration of expectations that are no longer among the core systems of humanistic frailties and endeavors. There is a need of such endangerment, such that the entrails of mankind bleed needlessly among the windswept taverns of dreams.


Because you can

Does not mean you should.

Can could be the can’t

If the should is not the did.

Done is done

When should has done;

The test devoid of outcome.

Have not is not

Because you cannot,

Just maybe

Because you can.

So when you should

Meets yes you can,

And the yes I did

Is because you should,

Then you should be very glad

You did.


Unconstrained fear, fearless presence

Oh tainted one; venomous art thou

Thy lovely rose of death! Hark!

For unto us doth thy mouth decree.

Sinless peonage un-succumbed by fear

Whose spirit doth beguile me

To the depths of ageless atonement

For the sacrificial rites of passage

That only thee could atone

Only thy presence doth cast away


Only your love doth lift

The pilgrims forward

For unbeknownst to me is the

Forwardness of the law of your voice

Which calls to me

I hear the blows being dealt

And am no longer a man in twain

Forgiven by her whose slaves are

No longer amid the crying

Lofty angels smile at the babe

Who knows no fear

The child hears the only true voice;

The voice from within.

The world negates and socially smothers

The only true wisdom;

The un-teachable wisdom

Which is not searched for, but found

Echoes search for the endless reverberation

Yet these waves no longer crash to shore

The sands have filtered through

The rutty grips of earthly wages and rages

Of war, feast and famine

Our deafening cries of silence are

Held mute before the groaning masses;

An ever throbbing, ever ebbing flow

Of bloodless passions continually

Usurps our mindless questions

Of our utopian societies gathered

And scattered in one accord for

The patriarch monarchy whose quest

Is to quench the thirsting need

Of knowledge

So speak oh Truth!

Break down the walls of scorn!

Speak so the bellowing of the

Mindless followers

Becomes a barrier between the bewitched

And those who wish to be rich.

Speak so I too can feel alive once more.

I too can dwell in the most high place -

The nirvana of the nebulous one.



Molyneux's latest screenplay is  a made-for-television mini series titled, "Texas Heavens Fall", a Docu-Drama about Texas citizens bludgeoned with the Scales Of Justice by the collaborated corruption of local law enforcement, judges and State prosecutors vying to win a Gold Coin Of Death. 

Tim Molyneux-black-highres.png
Tim Molyneux-black-highres.png

I've learned, sometimes the hard way, that life is not about the final destination. It's about the trip and the people you travel with. I love it all. I love creating with passionate people who also love what they do.

People give you what they have. Pay attention.

The best way to stay organized is to stay organized.

Ah, you have the eye for detail.

The best way to stay organized is to stay organized.

Because you can does not mean you should.

Words can kill. Can heal. Can deliver from evil or right to your door. Winnow well.

Alone is a throne. 

If you want something you have never had, you have to do something you have never done.

Don't be right for the wrong reasons.

Write a Rite of Passage as a Right Passage Prasad 

If you want to know where you are going in life, look around you. The closest people to you are leading the way. 

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