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Since I Don't Have YouTim Molyneux

Molyneux specializes in igniting sparks into flames of ideas from nothing and efficiently crafting all the necessary elements in order to make those ideas tangible and worthy of the stage, stores, screens, speech or spectacle. At Molyneux Entertainment, we do because we love to do it. It’s not our work, it’s our passion.


Molyneux Entertainment™ is a comprehensive entertainment production company that provides turn-key creative services for casinos, hotels, cruise ships, themeparks, television, theaters, campaigns, star name acts and corporations worldwide. Since 1989 Molyneux Entertainment™ has been successfully producing dreams from concept, to creation to completion on time, on budget and with exceeded expectations. Molyneux artfully and efficiently crafts each dream into a tangible product that entertains and shows a positive return.

Molyneux has an international reputation for creating innovative, one-of-a-kind productions that are cost effective and financially successful. In Las Vegas, the Molyneux-created "BITE" show is the first and only vampire show on the Las Vegas Strip and ran 6 nights a week, 52 weeks a year for 9 years. On the high seas, Molyneux was the first to create Repertory Theater At Sea and the first to use 3D with live performers. Molyneux has created shows that are still running and receiving standing ovations for over a decade.

As a creative corporation, Molyneux is now creating never-before-seen productions and spectacles around the world with the latest in 3D, Hologram and Virtual Reality technologies. These productions combine the Molyneux patented technology of customizable live entertainment experiences with interactivity between the virtual world and the live performers while immersing spectators within the performance. The Molyneux patent has changed the way we watch live performances forever.

At Molyneux Entertainment, we take great pride in our productions and the people who help create them and we appreciate those who experience them. We dream on demand, create on cue and produce on point because we are passionate about the innovation, production and management of live entertainment. We love what we do.

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